Pope Receives 1200 Young Workers

A very large pilgrimage of the Jocistes from France, led by the Archbishop of Sens, spent a week of great spiritual activity, recently, in Rome. There were more.than 1200 young workers, representing every part of France. Their audience with the Holy Father was marked by great enthusiasm and very thoughtful preparation.. The Jocistes came into the Hall of the Benediction singing “Vers la maison du Pere,” and when the Holy Father, borne in his sedia gestatoria, appeared in their midst, their hymns greeted him in a full-voiced choir of joy and loyalty.

When the first ovation ceased—after several minutes, one of the girls read a very beautiful address to the Pope, thanking him in a very special way for his untiring efforts for the causes of Catholic Action and the workers’ interests.

The Pope in a long discourse in French expressed the intense joy that that wonderful audience afforded him. He exhorted the young workers to sanctify their daily toil and to become apostles of Catholic Action amongst their fellow-workers. The discourse was listened to amid intense silence, but its conclusion was the signal for a great outburst of cheering.

After the Holy Father had given his blessing to all present, the 1200 voices again broke forth into a great burst of applause.

A group of Spanish pilgrims of the Alliance of “To Jesus through Mary” were received by the Holy Father. They gave the Pope a very finely worked chalice as a tribute of their loyalty and affection.


Pope receives 1200 young workers (Advocate, Thursday 15 November 1934, page 8) (Trove)