The Enquiry Technique

FOR the first time in Australia the successful method of the J.O.C. of Europe, the “Enquiry,”, has been thoroughly explained in the publication, “The Enquiry” by Rev. Fr. C. Mayne, S.J., and K. W. Mitchell, Melbourne Diocesan Secretariat of Catholic Action, both of whom are particularly fitted for the work. The Enquiry is a very difficult exercise in the beginning. Briefly, the method here outlined is to See, to Judge, and then to Act. The method is quite natural, the only difference is that we have been asked to think, to realise what we see already. Having seen the situation clearly, we Judge, and then Act accordingly. “When a man acts thus, he acts in the most natural manner possible, for in any given rational action there is: 1. The observation of facts and conditions; 2. The judgment of the intellect and a basis for that judgment; 3. The command of the will to act and the Action itself.”

Properly to SEE it is important that leaders collect real facts—not impressions. At the next step, leaders learn to apply what they have come to know from continual Gospel discussions and meditations, and the talks of the Chaplain. The Priest can help them more in this part than in any other. This section needs careful attention and thought, and various suggestions are made by the authors as to the formation of the Catholic mind. The ACT part will often not be practical yet, but something towards this action can and must always be done. There should never be an enquiry without either individual or collective action arising therefrom. The authors point out that definite action Is most important. The resolution made must not be too vague or it may never lead to results. One must work down to the root of the problem, find out the little details about it, and start somewhere with something definite.

The final purpose of the Enquiry is to change the environment, to make the world again Christian, or, as the authors say, “to put on Christ.” * In order to do so, one must know the world and Christianity. This publication will aid many to gain such knowledge; to realise the ideal of Catholic Action, “to bring Christ to the world.”

—Fr. G. VIM.

[Obtainable from A.N.S.C.A. Publications Department. Price 9d. per copy.]


The Enquiry Technique (Southern Cross (Adelaide, SA : 1889 – 1954), Friday 27 April 1945, page 3) (Trove)