Archbishop Beovich, Episcopal Chairman of YCS

THE first combined function of the Young Catholic Students’ Movement in Melbourne took place on the 14th inst, when nearly 200 leaders of the movement gathered at “Tay Creggan.”

They came from practically every one of the boys’ and girls’ colleges in the diocese. The rally was given additional prestige and significance by the presence of four members of the Episcopacy—the Archbishop of Melbourne (Most Rev. D. Mannix, D.D.), the Archbishop of Sydney (Most Rev. N. Gilroy, D.D.), the Archbishop of Adelaide (Most Rev. M. Beovich, D.D.),and the Bishop of Toowoomba (Most Rev. B. Roper, D.D.).

These members of the Bishops’ Committee on Education were holding a conference in Melbourne, and generously accepted the invitation to be present at the Y.C.S. gathering.

It was announced during the afternoon that the Bishops’ Committee on Catholic Action had asked Archbishop Beovich to become the Episcopal Chairman of the Students’ Movement, and that he had generously undertaken to guide the destinies of this youthful organisation.

He is the first member of the Hierarchy to assume this active leadership of a specialised Catholic Action Movement following the example of Bishop Henschke in the National Catholic Rural Movement, Bishop Gleeson in the National Catholic Girls’ Movement, and Archbishop Mannix in the National Christian Workers’ Movement.


Archbishop Beovich, Episcopal Chairman of YCS (Southern Cross, Friday 30 October 1942, page 3) / Trove