Jocists Work in Secret

The Jocists, the original Young Christian Workers of Belgium, have disappeared. There are no more of the big Jocist meetings; their press is silent; even the founder, Canon Cardijn, cannot be found. But their work goes on, more active than ever, under the nose of the German invaders.

Fr. Morlion, O.P., a Belgian priest who recently reached the U.S.A., says: “Jocism has abandoned all external manifestations of its work, but when in Belgium one sees a small group going about collecting milk for mothers and. children, gathering potatoes for the needy poor, or going from door to door announcing the time and place of church services (information which can no longer be printed in Belgium), one knows that the Jocists still exist and are active.

“Canon Cardijn is in their midst, breathing life into the movement and finding ways of helping souls in Belgium’s darkest days.”


Jocists Work in Secret (Advocate, Thursday 15 January 1942, page 5)