New Centre for Catholic Working Women in Shanghai

On March 10th a new Jocist centre for young Catholic women workers was established in the Zikawei suburb. This is the fifth such institution established in Shanghai under the direction of the present Vicar Apostolic, the Most Rev. August Haouisee, S.J.

The principal centre is on Avenue Dubail, where a meeting hall and a library are available. The largest Jocist unit, however, is that for young Catholic working women at Lohkatse, one of the crowded areas of the city.

The establishment there provides living quarters for 140 young ladies.

Local labour conditions involving long hours of toil, Sunday work and other unfavourable circumstances have been an obstacle to the complete realisation of the Jocist programme. This has been adapted to local requirements as far as necessary. The various units have been well placed in widely separated sections of the city and this has resulted in greater utility and effectiveness in reaching larger numbers of young women. A number of Congregations of Sisters co-operate in these activities. They have provided several subsidiary institutional units throughout the areas in question and have proved of great assistance in gaining and holding the interest of the young women.


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